St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors AGM & Prize Giving

Seniors AGM & Prize Giving

The Seniors held their AGM and dinner on Monday, 29th September, following the two annual competitions, the Dudley Watts Trophy (Church) and the Len Howarth Trophy (Holywell).

A well attended meeting, in the presence of the Club Chairman, John Radford and the Club Captain, Tony Rounsevell, enjoyed the usual formalities of such an occasion which fortunately, were spiced with wit (nearly !), humour and wine to dilute the traditional stiffness often associated with such annual meetings.

In his report, the retiring Seniors’ Captain, Nigel Thomas, in his tireless efforts to inject a little cultural enlightenment into the old boys, eloquently, as befits an ex-pedagogue, proudly reported a successful and winning year. That 49 members appeared in inter-club matches is testimony to the strength and enthusiasm of the section. There is little doubt that Nigel’s influence was a very significant factor in each of the above. Much to the chagrin, I suspect, of future Seniors’ Captains, he has set the bar disturbingly high, not only for his leadership, but also for his regular Powerpoint presentations and the welcome/menu cards for each home match. Rumour has it that the creative, amusing and high quality of the former has been noticed in high places (BMW marketing perhaps ?) and that offers of contracts may already be winging towards him !

Secretary Tony Mindel’s report was full of quips and statistics, the sterile bones of which will appear in the minutes, but the section is clearly blessed with a secretary, who it seems, is not only the epitome of efficiency, but could read the telephone directory and have an audience engaged and laughing. Perhaps it is true to say that only those who have held such a position really appreciate the amount of time and work involved in such a job.

In his report, Treasurer Mike Jarvis gave an impressive lesson to Mr Osborne in how to deliver a financial statement with style and humour. Perhaps it is much easier when all the figures are in the black.

All three officers, expressed deep gratitude to the Club, its officers and staff for their work and support for the section. In turn, each was also accorded warm and lengthy thanks by those present.

Elected officers for 2014-15:

Captain: Richard Parsons
Vice-captain: Paul Godfrey
Secretary: Tony Mindel
Treasurer: Mike Jarvis
Tyrrell Sandry, David Balmford, Derek Rushton, John Harbinson, Keith Godfrey

Winners and Presentations 2014

Holywell Eclectic:
Derek Kingsbury 2nd: Bill Lugg
Church Winter Eclectic:
David Elliott (47pts) 2nd: Keith Willmott (47pts)
Church Summer Eclectic:
John Westlake (50pts) 2nd: David Ramsbottom 50pts)
Girling-Sandry Salver (Holywell) Matchplay
Ian Boyd beat Derek Kinsbury
Frank Harper Trophy (Church Matchplay)
David Elliott beat Paul Godfrey
Len Howarth Trophy (Holywell)
David Balmford (42pts) – for the third successive year. Derek Kingsbury (37pts) David Girling (34pts)
NTP: Peter Battle
Dudley Watts Trophy (Church)
Keith Willmott (35pts) Paul Godfrey (34pts) NTP: Keith Hawke

Captain of the Club Tony Rounsevell presents the Len Howarth Trophy to the winner David Balmford