St. Enodoc Golf Club - Scrub Management on the Dunes

Scrub Management on the Dunes

Members will be interested to learn that work is about to be undertaken on the Club’s land between the course and the beach by Natural England in order to reduce the amount of scrub on the dunes. Scrub clearance and follow-up management which is being funded by Natural England will be carried out during January and February 2017 all of which forms part of a 5-year management agreement. Out of interest a similar scheme is in progress at Harlyn Bay near Trevose Golf Club.

The aim of the management is to restore the sand dune habitat, which is all a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also improve the area for dune wild flowers, invertebrates and other species of wildlife; sand dunes are an important priority habitat. At Rock, the dunes have become dominated by scrub, including ivy, bramble, wild privet, gorse, blackthorn, and non-native species including cotoneaster and sea buckthorn. This combination has smothered the native vegetation leading to the loss of the dune habitat, and prevents the site from functioning effectively as a dynamic dune system.

Without active management, this site is at very high risk of losing the rare dune habitat and associated wildlife that makes this area so special. Natural England is working with the Club to carry out this management and to monitor the site to ensure that the work is carried out sensitively and with due regard for the wildlife that the site currently supports. For more information or if you have any concerns please contact Karen Lewis on 020802 68220.