St. Enodoc Golf Club - Scratch match vs Trevose

St.Enodoc lose to Trevose in the first Atlantic Derby. Trevose boasted depth, quality and fresh blood. St.Enodoc had a team of committed players who fought till the end.

The Atlantic Derby is a newly set up competition between St.Enodoc and Trevose. The format is 6 man team, individual scratch match play, it's played at home and away and the highest aggregate score wins.

Some of you may have received a call on Saturday afternoon as Irwin desperately searched for additional players. Despite the challenges a category 1 side was established and on the morning of the match the team moral was high.

Names were drawn, matches were played and the results are as follows:

Andy Bunt L Ben Westgate

John Paul L Nick Gammon

Mike Masters L Jonathan Tremain

Simon Welch L Guy Norris

Jack Irwin L Mark Grootz

Kristian Godfrey L Carl Burley

It was a cracking day despite the overall score. If St.Enodoc win 6-0 at home a sudden death playoff shall occur. Is the unthinkable possible? Stay tuned for the home match. A huge thank you must go to our supporter, Derek Daniels, who braved the stormy conditions early Sunday morning.