St. Enodoc Golf Club - Rules Talk with Nick Williams

Rules Talk with Nick Williams

Nick gave an excellent talk out on the short game practice area on the Rules of Golf about which most golfers have only the briefest of understanding. There was a fair turn out but does one therefore assume that all the other Members are fully conversant with the Rules? There was no one present who was not caught out by Nick's questions on at least one occasion and everyone went away chastened by the experience even those who fancied themselves as something of a rules smith! It was an excellent talk and covered amongst other things filling in cards, boundary lines, taking relief with and without penalty, dropping balls, hazards and the putting green.

After the hour long talk those taking part were very much in need of food and a drink which was provided inside and the evening was rounded off by one of Chris Smyth's quizzes which did include some Rules questions which were got wrong by those taking part!  All in all a good evening and very useful, thanks Nick.