St. Enodoc Golf Club - Royal Flag Day to celebrate the Queen's 90th

Royal Flag Day to celebrate the Queen's 90th

It's taken a while but our Captain has finally cracked the code which ensures good weather for competition days at St Enodoc. On perhaps the very best of summer days in this soggy season, the sun was out, it was warm, a gentle zephyr of a breeze and the Camel estuary a brilliant turquoise blue. What could be better for the flag competition and with which the Club had chosen to mark Her Majesty's 90th birthday.

A flag competition is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it is really medal foursomes golf hiding under a pseudonym; the competition today was however slightly tweaked in that the CSS was set at 75 and to which each pair added half of their combined handicaps. Once all those shots were used up then that's it, finito, fin de la musica. Mark the place on the course where the last shot came to rest and plant your flag. In keeping with the occasion today’s flags were of course mini Union Jack flags. Several flags were noted on the 16th fairway and which seemed to be flying a half-mast, an indication perhaps of their owners disappointment in not going further in the event. Niblick also received a report, currently unconfirmed, of one pair using a white flag such was their disgust at losing the battle against the difficult, wet, deep and tangly rough.

The prize table, as can be seen from the picture below was a mass of Union Jack golfing prizes. Pitch markers, teapots and champagne all in red, white and blue. Our Captain in his loyal golfing camoflauge trousers matching the prize theme was almost mistaken for the booby prize !

Those who managed to keep out of the rough rather more than most naturally scooped up the prizes and they were -

Church Course:

1st Tony & Bobby Rounsevell

2nd Chris Dymond & Andy Farrant

3rd Bob & Annie Cruse

Holywell Course:

1st John & Helen Russell

2nd Cath & Terry Buscombe

3rd Geoff & Annie Matthews

The day was completed with a BBQ, followed by an evening singing and dancing along to 60's music from the Jaguars