St. Enodoc Golf Club - Rough Management Programme November 2016

Rough Management Programme November 2016

Members will have already seen work on the Church Course that starts a programme of works to control the rough. An invasion of thick, unwanted species of grasses has become prevalent, to the extent that it is affecting both the enjoyment and the pace of play on the course.

The Committee has had a report from the Club Agronomist, a copy of which is available at the Club for members to read. This report explains the above issues more thoroughly and offers specific advice on how to deal with them. In our Photo Galley we have overhead shots detailing the area to be covered on each hole click here to go to them

The rough management programme recommended by the Club Agronomist and agreed by the Committee is comprised of two phases:

  • Agreeing some different (wider) semi rough cut lines on various holes. This will include an additional width on most holes starting with a new intermediate cut adjacent to the fairway cut. Much of this work has already been done.

  • Managed control of the thick rough – This will include cutting approximately a 10 metre width of the main rough, followed by scarifying and collection of the material. At the stage where the plant begins to grow, this are will be sprayed with a growth regulator to control broad leaf grasses and encourage the natural fescues.

It can be seen from the photographs that Phase 1 has been virtually completed. The areas defined by the white lines are those designated for cutting and thinning on a hole-by-hole basis as described above as Phase 2.

The Holywell Course will receive the same attention once the programme is under way.