St. Enodoc Golf Club - Revetting - but not as we know it

Revetting - but not as we know it

Those who use the upper overflow car park or who are frequent users of the short game practice area may well have noticed some bunker repair activity there last week. Equally those with good memories will also recall a note in recent Management Committee Minutes referring to the Committee\'s intent to trial a new and innovative system of bunker revetting. Well the trial has now come about and all three bunkers on the short game practice area have been re-built.

So what is new? Classic links course revetting e.g. the 8th and 16th bunkers on the Church Course has a short finite life – say three to five years. Renewal of the revetting is costly and time consuming. The Club were recommended to contact Durabunker who own the patents to a different approach to bunker construction and who already have an impressive portfolio of clients as can be seen from their website. Following initial contact the Club contracted Durabunker to re-build the three practice area bunkers. The materials used by Durabunker are recycled artificial football and hockey pitches and it is only very close inspection which will reveal that the finished work is not natural turf.

Our General Manager, whilst satisfied with the quality of the work so far carried out and the appearance of the new bunkers, emphasises that no decision on further use will be made until after a reasonable trial period has elapsed. “We will be eager to see if the practice bunkers retain a clean, revetted look and stand up to the wear and tear. If so, this could be a very good application for greenside bunkers on the Church Course” says Tuck.

Two different types of construction have been used, one a thinner type of revetting and the other somewhat thicker – have a look and see what you think. Any further work using Durabunker materials can be carried out by the Course Manager and his staff.

Bunker re-build in progress