St. Enodoc Golf Club - Re-profiling by the 16th Green

Re-profiling by the 16th Green

The major work has now been completed in re-profiling the rough short and to the left of the 16th green, a task which was never tackled when the hole was originally lengthened. The ground was very uneven and there were a couple of old tees there as well which gave the area a somewhat odd look. Scott and his boys have done a tremendous job and have established some excellent natural looking contours. At the same time, as you can see on the picture, we have taken the opportunlty to deal with another problem which was to establish the correct spot to leave trolleys when putting and the route to leave the 16th green with the building of a new path through to the 17th tee. This will speed up play and avoid people going back down the fairway to retrieve their clubs; the old route has very conveniently disappeared under one of the mounds!

At present the new turf is Ground Under Repair with Drop Zones and it will take several months to fully establish and blend in. The intention is that it will be in play in time for the English Womens Amateur Championships in July at the latest.