St. Enodoc Golf Club - Problems at the Past Captains Match Again

Niblick hears that the past Past Captains Match on Wednesday 27 July began very optimistically this year with 80% of the 10 Past Captains actually remembering the date and time. However, a hint of the stress these occasions can produce came when three members of the first four ball left the bar saying to the fourth member of their group .. “see you after the match” ...Having been reunited said fourball spent serious time on the first tee exchanging data regarding the markings on their golf balls ... two black dots here, a red dot there, a green line and a blue dot elsewhere, and a blue line and a black dot (or red splodge) there.

By the 16th hole “green line and blue dot” was identifying the ball of “blue line and black dot” for him, except that it was actually “red dot” that he was talking to, thus an inadvertent penalty was incurred which led to another problem ... how many penalty strokes? This question proved very stressful on the collective memories. Only “two black dots” kept his cool and finally walked off the hole with a magnificent seven and one point – the only one of the four to score on that particular hole!

A choice meal followed with reminiscences of how things were in days gone by (ranging from bespoke tailoring to made to measure glass and embracing the definition of a good school and the talents of those born in the heartland of Wales) before the fourth winner of the trophy was announced. Niblick is reliably informed that the insignia on his golf ball was a leek. It was a popular win - though the name needs to be engraved on the trophy speedily before anyone (or indeed everyone) forgets!