St. Enodoc Golf Club - Prehistoric golf ball bone yard found

Prehistoric golf ball bone yard found

This morning our greenkeepers started clearing away non-indigenous shrubs away from the front of the men's 18th white tee. When they cleared away the rubbish from just in front of the tee they found a treasure trove of old golf balls. Amongst those found were three Dunlop 65's, a Titleist balata and two gutta percha balls. There were also numerous Top Flites and Ultras. Also many tees including a rare hand made wooden tee marked "H.Vardon" - whoever he may have been. The better items have been collected up for restoration and will be displayed in the Club's trophy cabinet.

As can be seen from the photo the clearance has nicely opened up the view of the fairway and topped tee shots may now be played from the Ladies tee instead of being lost.