St. Enodoc Golf Club - Planning Application for Water Storage upgrade

Planning Application for Water Storage upgrade

The Management Committee have agreed to proceed with a planning application (Committee Minutes - 2nd May - Item 3) to extend the original storage reservoir, and to also build an additional lake adjacent to the existing storage area.

Currently the Club abstracts water (under licence) from the tributary running through the course, and is only permitted to do so between the months of October to May, and in 2018 was very close to exhausting its supply, this has had a detrimental effect to the fairways on both courses, which has resulted in a significant amount of resource being spent on overseeding to aid recovery.

Following a survey conducted by an independent irrigation consultant the Committee has agreed to instruct the company to proceed with a planning application to increase our water storage capability and enable the Club to store sufficient supply for the decades ahead, and to fully utilise the allowable volume that we are licenced to use.

The Consultant will produce a detailed irrigation water storage lake design including a specification document, layout plans, and a bill of materials all of which will be available for Members reference and consultation.

In addition the Club is also trialling some more water efficient sprinkler heads as technology in this particular area has moved on significantly since our irrigation system was installed, this will also contribute over time a more efficient use of water resource.

The Committee is aware that this is a significant capital investment to make on the Club's behalf, but following the advice taken it views it as an investment in the Club's biggest asset which are the golf courses. A windfall from the work being undertaken will also be a large volume of sand which will secure supply for a number of years for top dressing and replenishing the surfaces of the Golf Courses.

A full copy of the review and is available to read in the Meeting Note Archive.

Simon Greatorex

General Manager

St Enodoc Golf Club