St. Enodoc Golf Club - PGA Cornish Festival at St Enodoc this week

Once again this week St Enodoc will host the PGA Cornish Festival, probably the biggest Pro-Am in the UK. Four hundred and fifty six golfers, of which there will be one hundred and fourteen Pro's will play at St Enodoc, Carlyon Bay and Trevose on April 19/20/21. With the prize money of £20000 the event has attracted many Ryder Cup and European Tour Pro's including Paul Broadhurst, Peter Baker, Steven Richardson, Phillip Price, Andrew Sherborne, Gary Emerson, George Ryall and Stuart Little. Will any of them beat the course ? Past events suggest not.

With our own Head Pro – Nick Williams – on the injured list the Pro's representing St Enodoc and attempting to pick up some of the prize money will be Mark Arrowsmith and Antony Nash. Mark's team will be made up of Dave Derry, Guy Hovil and Norman Evans. Whilst Antony's will be Joe Cruse, Rob Cook and Steve Buse. Mark starts at Trevose tomorrow at 0800 whilst Antony can ease his way into the tournament at the easier Carlyon Bay course. If memory serves Carlyon is where Joe Cruse beat all the Pro's last year with a gross 66.