St. Enodoc Golf Club - Pandora\'s Box 2015

Pandora\'s Box 2015

The annual cross-country competition, “Pandora’s Box”, was played on Saturday 12 December. On a very blustery day, with winds gusting 30-35mph, 14 teams battled the elements, an outlandish course layout and pin placements which were, frankly, bonkers.   As course architect Bob Cruse said; “The more they complain the better I have done my job!”  And indeed it was a job well done with some “signature holes” again in evidence; the 6th tee to the 4th green, the 5th tee to the 6th green, the 10th tee to the 14th green and a drive over the reservoir to the 18th green.

As we know, when Pandora opened the box all the evils of the world flew out except Hope.  So the players had to hope they had selected the right combination of the seven clubs allowed, hope they had judged the distances playing across unusual angles and lastly hope that at least one putt would stay within a few feet of the hole for a chance of sinking the next.

At least there were pasties and beer to enjoy back at the Clubhouse, followed by carol singing with the St Minver Silver Band.

And in the prizes were:

First with 49.9 were Charlie Runnalls, Kenton Williams, Peter Bendall and Dick Bentley

Second with 50.1 were David Elliott, Paul Clemens, Kevin Birkett and Tris Lang

Third with 51.1 were John Arnold, Greg Mather, Richard Norsworthy and Richard Helleur.

The St Minver Silver Band