St. Enodoc Golf Club - Pandora\'s Box 2014

Pandora\'s Box 2014

The annual Pandora’s Box Competition took place on Saturday 13 December.  As befitting the season, play was from the “Tinsel Tees” and as usual, the Church course underwent a radical re-design.  This year Andy Bunt and Bob Cruse set the layout.  Their overactive imaginations (hallucinations?) presented such corking holes as the 13th or “Bombs Away”, a drive from the 7th tee across the second fairway to a neat hollow halfway up the dunes, and the 6th, a “Hail Mary” drive from the 10th tee to the 14th green. Our course designers also demonstrated a rather warped sense of humour with their yip-inducing choice of pin positions.  The overall effect was to present the players with a wonderfully challenging and fun game of golf, especially as teams were off of only 10% of combined handicaps. 

As all St Enodoc members know from their Classics, when Pandora opened her wedding gift all evil escaped, except one thing still remained at the bottom of the box; Elpis, the Spirit of Hope.  And so it was with large dollops of Hope the teams went about the business of scoring on each hole without racking up some awful number.  The overall results were impressive with the winners posting an excellent score of 44.2.  Congratulations to David Elliot, Joe Cruse, Chris Taper and Danny Hoare!  Even Santa was impressed and made an early visit to present the prizes!

After reviving in the Clubhouse with some Christmas cheer and Wappo’s pasties we were treated by the St Enodoc “Lucia Torg”, courtesy of our Anglo-Swedish Ladies Captain Trudie Tensjo and some of our local children.   The “Coming of the Light” is a traditional Swedish ceremony performed on the 13th December and a delight to see it performed in the Clubhouse on the very day.


                        The St Enodoc \"Lucia Torg\"

To round off the day the ladies (enjoying their Chicken Chase Competition) joined us to sing Carols as we were accompanied by the St Minver Silver Band.


                  The St Minver Silver Band

Panora’s Box, Chicken Chase, St Minver Silver Band; it must be Christmas!!

Pandora’s Box results: 

First (44.2) David Elliott, Joe Cruse, Chris Taper and Danny Hoare

Second (44.9) John Arnold, Matt Mills, Mark Knight and Richard Norsworthy

Third (47.7) Keith Hawke, Roger Priestley, Geoff Matthews and Joe Combellack

Fourth (48.1) Tuck Clagett, Tris Lang, Bob Cruse and Derek Rushton.