St. Enodoc Golf Club - Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear !

Perhaps our learned, academic seniors have been reading too much Chaucer and taking his words too much to heart, for his ‘All good things must come to end,’ certainly bore bitter fruit in the return match against Royal North Devon at home, on Monday, 21 September. Not only did the Old Saints suffer their worst defeat of the year, but also lost their unbeaten home record when they were thumped 7 – 1 by the visitors, who thus completed the double.

Old Hickory understands that the Captain of the Day, Keith Willmott, he of the quick wit and smiling demeanour, became he of the breaking voice and wet eye when announcing the result after dinner. The only bright spots, or rather, the only less dull spots, were the two halves by Kevin Birkett and Stuart Sandercock, and Des Kelly and David Balmford. The latter was especially appropriate as David, some years ago, had given the Johnny Fallon Driver for which the two clubs compete each year and he was able to present it (no doubt through gritted teeth and plastic smile) to the opposing captain.

Once again, Keith Hawke was nearest the pin. As he has won this at least four times in recent matches, he was presented with a bill for the wine, which astonishingly, he declined to pay !

  • Keith Willmott & Richard Parsons lost 1 down
  • Kevin Birkett & Stuart Sandercock halved
  • Keith Hawke & Harry Gliddon lost 3 & 2
  • Frank Harper & Bill Comyn lost4 & 3
  • David Balmford & Des Kelly halved
  • Nigel Thomas & Ken Metcalfe lost 5 & 3
  • Paul Godfrey & Tony Mindel lost 3 & 2
  • John Westlake & Adrian Hansell lost 3 & 2

NTP: Keith Hawke

Old Hickory’s Trivia:
Einstein’s theory of golf: ‘Error must go somewhere.’ Therefore if your driver is hot, your putter will be frigid; if you can cream your irons, you will top your woods; if you can hit through the ball with your trailing arm, your head will come up and so on.