St. Enodoc Golf Club - Nick Williams now selling golf clubs with bent shafts !

Nick Williams now selling golf clubs with bent shafts !

As if the majority of us don't already find the game of golf difficult enough why on earth should Nick be selling clubs which on the face of it would appear to only make things more difficult ! Well things are not quite what they might appear to be. The picture above has not been “photo-shopped” and the shafts on the clubs are indeed curved.

These clubs are the brain-child of Ex-Tour player Bertie Cordle and who was here at the Club late this summer doing some development testing of his ideas. A number of us were invited by Bertie to try the clubs and to receive some free tuition in their use. Many of these sessions were videoed together with feed back interviews. You can see all of these on the DST web site here together with plenty of information concerning the theory behind the design. DST is the acronym for “Delayed Strike Technology” and is about to be launched this week at the prestigious US PGA Merchandise Trade Show in Orlando. The fundamental concept behind the design is to force you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position.

And what of the designer ? Bertie Cordle played at a high standard as an amateur off +2 and won the European Amateur Week in Portugal in 1995, prior to turning Pro at the age of 19. He then proceeded to teach at 5 star golf resorts in Portugal, Germany and the UK for two years whilst playing the on various satellite tours prior to his rookie season on the European Challenge Tour in 1997. Sadly in his rookie season he suffered from a career changing set of health issues which forced him to give up his ambitions as a player. For ten years Bertie did not play but instead became fascinated by ball striking. This led him down a three year study into the bio-mechanics of ball striking and eventually to the design and development of the Delayed Strike Technology project. Bertie has a holiday home close to the club and is on the waiting list for Membership.

These are not clubs that you play with, rather they are a practice and warm up tool. Interested ? Nick and his fellow Pro's have demo clubs to try and will guide you in their use.