St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick spots players on the skyline

It is a while since Niblick has had any good gossip to report but the Viscountess Clifden Mixed Foursomes set his pulse racing. A group standing on the 6th tee were unaware that the game in front were still waiting to play their second shots to the green as they were all totally hidden from view. The electronics wizard from the Emerald Isle unleashed a real fizzer from the tee to the consternation of those in front as his shot went passed between them like a rifle bullet and finished embedded in the small bunker. Waving arms then prevented further attacks from the rear after which great apologies were naturally proffered which calmed things down a bit.

Having been put in more danger than he ever encountered when working up a telegraph pole the always immaculately dressed player was completely unnerved and promptly dumped the ball into the top of the Himalaya bunker. Ever the gentleman and full of remorse he was next spotted by Niblick silhouetted against the skyline on top of the bunker, doing a passable impersonation of Sherpa Tensing conquering Everest, as he accompanied his lady wife whilst she tried to extricate the ball from its sandy grave.

Seen later sitting in the Clubhouse his cool had been somewhat restored but not surprisingly they were not in the silver prizes on the day.