St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick learns of beer tent mayhem

Rumours have been circulating over the last few days of a quite appalling incident which occurred during the recent Am-Am competition, however Niblick - who does not deal in rumours or half-truths - has only today tracked down an eyewitness to the goings on at the tenth tee beer tent and can now reveal the full truth.

A Member of the Management Committee who seems to be somewhat accident prone (and whose adventures have been previously reported by Niblick eg the case of the runaway car, the dangerous dog etc) having played a decent drive down the 9th fairway proceeds to play his second to the green. Possibly distracted by the thought of liquid refreshment to come said golfer then slices his shot which passes straight through the beer tent, occupants, glasses, bottles and all. Beer is split, folks are screaming and diving for cover. With mutterings of apologies to all and explanations that his backswing was disturbed by the noise of a skylark the miscreant proceeds to his ball and which is now lying half way down the slope in front of the 10th tee.

He can now no longer see the green as the line is blocked by the beer tent and whose occupants are now in full retreat for fear of what may come. \"Fear not you are quite safe I am going to play a Bubba Watson fade straight over the top and onto the green\" says our friend. The spectators, some of whom had hidden in the toilet as a place of refuge, wisely would have none of it as the third shot smashes straight up and into the underside of the canopy.

Lofty now picks up his ball and somewhat sheepishly makes a £2 donation into the charity bucket on his way by.

An aerial view of his attempted shot may be seen below