St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick hears of French seagull trouble

A Member of the St Enodoc professional staff whilst on a recent trip to France found himself in trouble with the local gendarmes and may have created a diplomatic incident with our French cousins.

The undisputed facts of the matter are that said Pro golfer was playing in a three day Pro-Am event a round of which was played at the Val Andre course in Brittany. Our Pro found himself in a shallow fairway bunker and elected to play out with a rescue club. On the fairway in front of the bunker sat, minding it\'s own business, a seagull. Our Pro plays his shot and thins it; the trajectory of the shot was naturally low and sadly the mouette was directly in the line of fire. After several last flaps of its wings the seagull breathed it\'s last and passed away on the fairway. All of this witnessed by his playing partners and it seems a local birdwatcher.

Now it seems that the slaughter of innocent seagulls is an act punishable in French law and the birdwatcher summonsed the local gendarmes to draw their attention to the matter. It is believed that the flics have now requested the issuance of a European Arrest Warrant for our Pro and who hopefully will not end up doing bird in the Bastille; however the portents are not good as our man already has form in this area as he accused a seagull earlier this year of spoiling a round at Newquay in the Festival by stealing his ball. This could be interpreted as a motive for this most recent incident. Rumours of a memorial service for the bird in St Enodoc Church are probably completely unfounded.