St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick hears of doggie problems

Niblick is reliably informed of a potentially serious loose dog problem in the clubhouse on Thursday afternoon last. It seems that two ladies having exercised their hounds around the course stopped by the clubhouse for a coffee. The Ladies in question were one from Chaple Amble and the other, at least temporarily whilst on House Sitting duties, from Rock. Whilst drinking their coffee in the conservatory their furry friends were left, apparently suitably tethered on the patio outside. Somehow and in manner which is still unclear one of the canines, complete with lead still attached, found it\'s way into the club house where it proceeded to disrupt the Farmers weekly prizegiving by yapping and generally causing mayhem before it was captured jointly by the General Manager and the second ladies husband. Their brave efforts were met with acclamation by the assembled Farmers. Meanwhile, the two ladies blissfully unaware of any problem enjoyed their coffee.

Niblick further believes, but awaits confirmation, that the dog concerned (and who cannot be named for fear of breaching the Doggie Rights Act) has had it\'s Membership suspended and playing rights withdrawn.