St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick gets a letter !

There was much excitement today at Niblick House when Niblick received a letter. No one has ever written to Nibbers before and it was with great anticipation that the letter was opened. Niblick suspected that this was praise from an appreciative fan and his chest was bursting with pride at the thought of due and proper recognition.

Imagine then the disappointment when it turns out to be a reader challenging the veracity of one Niblick's pieces. Now Niblick takes great care in checking, and double checking, the facts before publishing any story (Can't be too careful with Laws of Libel you know !) and so to be advised that material in a recent story "The Ace Aces" was marginally inaccurate/factuallly incorrect left Niblick somewhat crestfallen. Nonetheless in the interests of transparency Niblick has decided to publish the letter and to let his adoring readers decide for themselves -

"Dear Niblick,

May I thank you sincerely for your kind remarks about my recent hole in one? However I feel I must take issue with you on a couple of points.

Firstly, I may look and act ancient but I'm not old enough to have fought in WW2 nor young enough to have flown in the Falklands. Ace I never was but my practice bombing record against flame floats and towed targets was the best on all the Coastal Command squadrons on which I served. I reckon I could come pretty near the pin on the 17th with a depth charge from 100 feet and 100,000lbs of Shackleton!

Secondly, don't imagine for a minute that playing Golf for St Enodoc Seniors is any less stressful than trying to land a Shack on two engines in a 25knot crosswind. Your time will come!

Yours jokingly, David Balmford"