St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick Finds a St Enodoc Hero

Niblick Finds a St Enodoc Hero

Whilst exercising his large hound on the Camel Trail East of Wadebridge Niblick was surprised to come across this bench just after going under the small railway bridge. Surprise was the understatement as there can not be too many men in Cornwall with such a strong Nordic name as Anders. So it must be our Anders but why this elaborate inscription and what possible heroics must there have been to so richly deserve this lasting memorial to his bravery? Could it possible be for being the Denis Thatcher of the St Enodoc, surely not, even though he carries out his role so dutifully those three steps behind the Ladies Captain with such aplomb and dignity. Has there been some magnificent feat of golfing prowess which has passed the website by? Possibly two holes in one in one round or completing 18 holes in the dark with one hand tied behind his back?

We are entitled to a full explanation so if any reader can help with revealing the heroic deeds Niblick would very much like to know so that due recogntion can be made of these acts of valour. In the mean time all we can say is we want to be let into the secret Anders or are you too modest to reveal all?