St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick exclusive scoop - the inside story from Sunday's CTC match

Niblick as is well known gets everywhere and on Sunday last when the CTC Team played St Mellion at Bude he persuaded a mole in the camp to give our readers the inside skinny on what went on there. So here it it is, further and better particulars of the match to supplement our earlier report.

On Sunday the 30th of October a CTC demolition job was scheduled at Bude and North Cornwall Golf Club. St.Enodoc’s opponents St.Mellion were not to be underestimated as players of the second toughest course in Cornwall.

The follow matches are described in order of play. The morning consisted of 4 foursome’s matches and the 9th man. The afternoon consisted of 8 single matchplays.

Out first was Chapman and Godfrey, the bedrock of the team. Two long standing members of the club who have forged their swings on the St.Enodoc links with blood sweat, tears, broken bones and chopped off fingers. C&G slowly applied the pressure and their opponents slowly fell apart. W 1up #bedrock

Welch and Masters coalesce to make one mean golfing machine. Throughout the county their opponents are being slayed one by one. It was an easy win 4&2 for the dynamic duo.

Cruser and Buser’s match was something of a spectacle with only 4 halved holes. There were many tricks but a real treat was delivered on the 18th when their opponents missed a 2 footer for the match. Cruse and Buse final score A/S

Irwin and Combellack out last. The newly christened Team Manager (TM) had hyped up this CTC event as if events manager of the Ryder cup, however he delivered some unforgivable iron shots and I&C were punished for missing putts which resulted in a 4&3 loss.

The ninth man, a Mr Westlake, made the best up and down on the 18th forcing his opponent to hole a 2 footer for birdie. It was holed. Westlake unleashed a bomb on the 19th however it ended up buried in a weed 3 feet off the fairway and things went downhill from there. Westlake lost 1 down.

2.5 – 2.25 after the morning matches. All to play for.

Singles matches:

Team captain- the Cruser, the fly catcher, the pulse, and I think he might also be the county champ, lead the way in the afternoon. He delivered the goods and reports slightly more length on his iron play. W 4&3

Chapman on the golf course has better focus than the Giant Magellan Telescope. The 2 time county champ and seasoned CTC extraordinaire dispatches his opponent 7&6 leaving himself daylight time to entertain the kids back at the ranch.

The Welch dragon won 4 holes on the trot, and subsequently the match, when his entourage (wife and kids) arrived in the afternoon. We hope to guarantee their attendance on the 27th of November for CTC Rnd2. W 4&3

Mikey Masters knocked a ball OB on the 13th yet still halved the hole with a 4. This just shows the fighting spirit this CTC team is about. W3&2

Combellack had an impeccable day on the par 3’s and rightly so- he put the work in and played well although Westy was on the bag and likes to claim 90% of the victory. W3&2

At this point St.Endooc had steam rolled to a victory 7.5-2.25

Godfrey, also known as The Negotiator for negotiating halves at CTC matches, halved his match on the 16th. A fine will be distributed accordingly. A/S

Buser took down a young whipper snapper with a scratch handicap. Highlights included a tap in eagle on the 9th and winning to a large audience on the 18th. W 1up

Irwin, the TM who was struggling with form throughout the match was stood on the 14th tee 3 down. He dug deep and ended up holing a 30 foot putt on the 18th for eagle and the match. The crowd went wild and Irwin delivered a rousing speech shortly after.

St. Enodoc win with a resounding 10-2.75 to have the largest win of all the CTC matches played that day. A huge thank you must be said to all of the supporters and caddies throughout the day.

The next match is on the 27th of November against last year’s winners (West Cornwall). We need as much support as possible! The team will take this momentum forward and WILL make St.Enodoc great again.