St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick at the Panto

Niblick at the Panto

Niblick's grand-children recently took the old boy out for a treat and decided he would appreciate "Sleeping Beauty" at the Halls for Cornwall. 

In this version of Grimms classic fairy story the Sleeping Princess is turned into a sleeping frog and awaits a kiss from her Prince to awake her and turn her back into a beautiful Princess. At Halls for Cornwall "Kernow King" invites volunteers from the audience if they would like to try their luck at kissing the frog. This invite and the opportunity to snog a frog was too much for one St Enodoc Member and off he rushed to the stage. His kiss was however apparently contaminated as it failed to revive the frog and who sadly croaked it. As is the tradition our Member was booed off the stage for his trouble.

Niblick is not one to blow the whistle on our Members but he did say the Member in question has a very famous namesake and who once appeared on the silver screen opposite Grace Kelly in a well known Western.