St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the windy day

The weather nearly got the better of the Farmers recently with ferocious winds which were so bad that the golf was reduced to just 12 holes with the winner amassing the enormous total of 17 points. Niblick was casually observing these foolhardy souls on the 1st tee when up strode one of the taller Members, well know in the film industry where his skills were significantly greater with the camera than with the golf club. Having addressed the ball this long hitter took an almighty, if less than cultured, swipe at the ball into the near hurricane force wind with a degree of high cut on it. Mother nature then stepped in and the ball was seen to take an alarming right turn which became an about-turn not unlike a boomerang returning to the thrower.

To the dismay of all present it disappeared from sight and in the view of the awe struck observers would eventually return to earth like a Russian space capsule re-entering the earth's atmosphere possibly in the vicinity of the buggy park. After the intrepid sea fisherman had negotiated his favourite 16th hole and the last two he decided to go to the buggy park to see if he could retrieve the errant ball. Much to his surprise it had travelled considerably further and was amazingly in the middle of the short game practice green.

A Welsh school teacher, he of the heightest jokes and grey beard felt that this feat required due recognition and presented Mr. Tall with another ball tastefully adorned with decorations of a Welsh nature and a slightly less pleasant four letter description of the poor chap. Lets hope there is less wind next week to save him further embarrassment.