St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the Waterproofs

Niblick witnessed the perils of wet weather golf clothing before the start of the Farmers' when all the players were huddled undercover by the pro shop fully clad and barely recognisable, like knights in armour, ready to combat the wind and rain. One of our lady Members returning from the practice ground, having spied what she thought was the back view of her beloved's waterproofs, crept up behind him and gently kneed him in the backside. The victim promptly turned round and to her absolute horror and with subsequent shrieks for all to hear she saw it was a former Chairman not her southpaw husband. How she managed to muddle the two men of such different heights and girths can possibly be explained by spending too long on the wet Moors over the Christmas period and serious problems with her glasses. Niblick's helpfully comment is that she should have gone to Specsavers.