St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the Swarm of Bees

Niblick and the Swarm of Bees

Golf is tough enough at St Enodoc at the best of times but in the latest round of the Men's Metropole and Colonel's cup some of the players had a surprise whilst trying to read the distance on the tee marker on the 3rd. Niblick, ever the gent having completed his round, had been eternally grateful to a stocky Fulham-born plumber who only the previous evening had sorted out his bath problems and wished the man with the stilsons and PTFE tape the best of luck prior to his afternoon start.

The good wishes obviously had some effect on the man more used to cisterns, for armed with mobile phone (are they allowed on the course?) took the pic above which instantly winged its way to the Webmaster's office. The question really is were the bees actually members or were they deemed to be walkers who had strayed from the public footpath and more to the point who dealt with the swarm – we need to know?