St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the poor fuel mileage

Some of the old boys in the Club played in the Duchy Shield up at Launceston recently but Niblick understands it did go quite as planned for all of them.  One old Welshman and his partner were timed to go off at 12:20 but were approached by the tournament organiser asking if they minded going out earlier at 11:40, the reason being that one St Enodoc geriatric was rather delayed somewhere on the A30. The unfortunate tall old boy had made his way to Morrisons to 'fill' up for the long and hazardous journey up to Launceston but then appeared to have drained his brim full tank after only 7 miles. 

Quick as a flash he though that he had achieved somewhat less than the usual 54 mpg that the old Volvo bus normally managed. It then dawned on him that the previous favourable mileage he got was when he followed  the manufacturer's recommended advice on  fuel, by using....DIESEL!!! Not many people know that the old camera man's favourite colour is green. One can understand him therefore opting for the green nozzle at the petrol station when everybody on this planet knows that to access a supply of diesel one should use the BLACK one!!

 I bet the Keystone Cops vehicles never ground to a halt in similar circumstances whilst he was busy turning the handle on his old camera way back in his youth. The only good news is that whilst stranded at the roadside he was able to ponder on how to play our 16th hole well, one of the few skills in life that had totally passed him by.