St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the Lookalike

Niblick and the Lookalike

After the first batch of photos from the Hickory Challenge were put on Facebook one of our loyal band of readers contacted Niblick to ask if Julian Fellowes had featured as she had seen what she thought was a photo of him included, sadly it was not it was just plain old Mike Samuel. This was too good an opportunity for Nibbers to miss and so some further research took place.

Trying to establish similarities between the lookalikes one of the two was the youngest son of Peregrine Edward Launcelot Fellowes the other a Welshman which drew a blank there I am afraid. But hold hard, just maybe they were twins parted at birth and one exiled to the colonies and obscurity, the other became famous and became a national celebrity.

Could this sad story possibly feature in the final series of Downton Abbey currently being filmed?  So to golf one steeped in the world of chemicals and quarries, a talented player and bastion of both St Enodoc and Newport Golf Clubs where he is strangely known as \"Lord Rock\" with his winter residence high above the less salubrious parts of town. The other has no known golfing prowess having spent all his life being an actor and playwright and has now become, at the behest of Her Majesty, Lord Fellowes of West Stafford. Next time Niblick sees him on television he is going to listen very carefully to see if there is any hint of a fine Welsh accent.