St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the Hole in One Horror

As many readers might know one of the Bodmin Welsh Teachers Mafia scored a hole in one during the last Colonel’s Cup round. With great excitement the Taffy pedagogue decided to join the Hole in One Society so that he could enjoy the variety of souvenir articles like a tie and natty knitwear. He had however been requested to provide a photo for the Society.

Niblick understands that during his next round with the other covern members they were regaled with the details all the way round and when they got to the 15th the West Walian wanted a picture taken with the ball that was used for this special record. He had described how he was going to make a stand for it, inscribe it, and mount it for display.

The others were anxious to get on with the game but many pictures were taken from different angles showing the hole, the ball, and the smiling Druid. His partners hit their shots but when his turn to play came there was a scream of horror. In his excitement he had put the very ball on the tee and it was now looping towards the pond. There was an anxious wait for the splash but it had amazingly cleared the water by just a couple of feet. It was instantly returned to the safety of his pocket for posterity.