St. Enodoc Golf Club - Niblick and the Car Park Horror

Niblick and the Car Park Horror

What an Easter treat for Niblick there was in the car park at the Club on Easter Monday traditionally one of the busiest days of the year. Grateful thanks to a deliberately unnamed senior local Member for sending Nibbers this wonderful pic of how not to park. With other fish to fry yesterday in Plymouth where they were dancing in the streets after 5pm (work that one out if you are not a broad minded sports person) there was only time to quickly send it on to the Webmaster to put on Facebook and Twitter. He is delighted to report that whoever the car owner was, Member or visitor, that his dreadful parking has now been seen over 4,600 times online.

The comments on Social Media have been very entertaining and all have said that it was a quite awful display of selfish behaviour. Sadly by late morning the car had disappeared and still no one knew the driver’s identity. Though he has fingers in many pies Niblick does not have access to the DVLA computer to get the miscreant’s name and address. Niblick was also very concerned that if that is the standard of his (or hers) parking was  our beautiful (?) new barrier likely to be savaged during the exit manoeuvre; luckily it escaped unharmed. Could our esteemed Professional now start offering lessons in parking as well - now that could be a nice little earner.