St. Enodoc Golf Club - New Weather Page Now Online

At long last our new weather page is up and running which has much more information available in fact even sufficient for the real meteorological anoraks amongst you. Those of you who say “I liked the old one” have to recognise that once the BBC changed how we could use their hour by hour forecast the die was cast for change as it has been unsatisfactory since then particularly on tablets and phones. Searching for suitable alternatives has taken much time but here we are and you may be amused to know that the forecast includes data from our own weather station.

On the forecast hour by hour as well as temperature, we have wind direction and speed, sunshine complete with UV index, percentage chance of rain, humidity and barometric pressure, all of which should give you a good idea what conditions will be like for golf. There are also quite a few other nuggets of information as well as access to our historical weather data. Having digested all of that there will hardly be time to actually play golf! There is still some work to do to make it even easier to read on phones but at last we have something for you to use and enjoy.