Dramatic pictures showing St Enodoc and the estuary in all their glory.

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St. Enodoc Golf Club - New Motorised Webcam Now Live

New Motorised Webcam Now Live

At last the new webcam is up and running for everyone to enjoy ever changing views of the course and estuary. The project has been in my mind for some four years and even once we had Superfast Broadband it has taken a while to realise my final project for the St Enodoc website. To cap it all even after the post and solar panels were installed we have had major technical issues with the camera, hence the delay which have now finally been resolved.

For those who have not seen it the motorised camera is mounted on a post on the high bank to the left of the first green and can cover nearly 360 degrees; it is set to start on the 16th green and work its way round to a distant view of the clubhouse over the first green. It then returns back to the 16th by a different series of stops.

For the technically minded it is completely self contained as it is solar powered, the initial placing of the panels caused a select few members’ blood pressure to rise somewhat despite having no knowledge of the end product. The signal is sent wirelessly to a receiver on the chimney of the clubhouse. The location of the installation is determined to some extent by the need to have line of sight to the chimney. Since the area had to be cleared to find suitable locations there is still some hardware as well as the actual post just partially visible, however once we have had some Spring growth of the grasses very little, if any, of it all will remain for the eye to see from any distance.

View of the 8th Green as you will see it from the new webcam

The end results you can now judge for yourselves which, for the time being, are on the Weather Page in the location of the original webcam which is still very much available on the enlarged view page. The new tour which lasts about 4 minutes 40 seconds is best viewed in the enlarged format – Click here to go it.

St Enodoc as we all know is a wonderful and unique links course which to some extent sells itself but with its associated views it makes the whole experience quite outstanding; these great pictures which the new webcam brings make an extremely powerful selling tool so vital to the success of the Club.