St. Enodoc Golf Club - New Member of the Greenkeeping Staff

There has been a new addition to our resident gamekeepers family. He goes by name of Nigel and he is a Goshawk.

 The English name derives from the Anglo-Saxon for \"Goose Hawk\". The scientific name was given during the middle ages when only noblemen were allowed to fly them. \"Accipiter\" is Latin for hawk and \"gentilis\" comes from the Old French \"gentil\" meaning noble (which is where the English words Gentleman and Gentry are derived and ultimately from the Latin \"gentilis\"), so the scientific name means \"Noblemans Hawk\". They usually fly directly at the prey in rapid flight, but occasionally will use available cover, such as hedges, to take the prey by surprise. Goshawks are capable of incredible bursts of speed when chasing prey. In powered flight, Goshawks take several strong, stiff wing beats, followed by a short glide. The short wings and manoeuvrable tail enable the bird to rapidly turn and brake, in pursuit of its prey. Tally so far: 1543 Rabbits and 157 Moles.