St. Enodoc Golf Club - New Local Rules At St Enodoc

New Local Rules At St Enodoc

2019 has heralded a rules and terminology change from the Royal & Ancient, so with this in mind some of the local rules here at St Enodoc have been revised to reflect this.

As this is a busy time of the year for Golf Union and Club Competitions alike, this information is particularly relevant, because of the aforementioned rule changes as well as redesignation of areas on the Church Course.

Listed below are the local rules, what and where they refer to and the link to the offical R & A rules associated.

Water Hazard 5th Hole, Church Course:

The water hazard in the 5th hole of the Church Course has been designated an Environmentally Sensitive Area. Entry into and/or play from this area is prohibited for environmental reasons.
if it is known or virtually certain that a ball that is in an ESA defined as a PENALTY AREA/ NO PLAY ZONE the player must, under penalty of one stroke, proceed under Rule 17-1e

NB1: There is no relief from an abnormal ground condition, eg the path, when your ball is in the penalty area (Rule 16.1a)

Local Rule - Out of Bounds, 11th Hole Church Course:

Players will notice there are no longer any white OOB markers on the 11th hole of the Church Course. As referenced now on the scorecard, a ball in or over the stream is deemed to be out of bounds. (Rule 2.1)

Local Rules - Red Stakes:

Penalty Area's are marked with RED stakes, relief may be taken in accordance with Rule 17 (diagram 2 - 17.1d). The stakes marking the area are immovable obstructions (see Rule 16.1)

Local Rule Ground Under Repair:

Area's identified as Ground Under Repair are marked with blue lines. (Rule 16.1)


Match Play; loss of hole.
Stroke Play; two strokes.
(specimen local rule 25-1)