St. Enodoc Golf Club - New and enhanced presentation of weather data

As you will have no doubt observed we have today (30thApril) updated the weather display on the website to give more information.

The data feed for this information comes, as before, from the Green Keepers weather station to the rear of the 3rdtee.

The new display requires a little explanation for first time use.

  • Outside temperature is exactly that, but without correction for wind chill or humidity ie the still air temperature. It is measured at the weather station.

  • Inside temperature means in the Green Keepers office.

  • Pressure means Barometric Pressure.

  • Solar radiation is effectively a measure of warmth and takes account of cloud cover etc

  • To see the trend of wind speed, temperature etc. for the last twelve hours simply place the cursor of your computer mouse over the centre point of the gauge concerned.

A fuller explanation of some of the information displayed may be found under “Extras”