St. Enodoc Golf Club - More trouble for the Seniors at Bowood

On a day more akin to summer than spring, on a manicured course presented at its very best, the Seniors visited Bowood Park on Wednesday, 08 April.

It appears that Captain of the Day, Harry Gliddon would not be out of place on the motivational speakers’ circuit for cleverly, he almost turned defeat into victory with his optimistic after-dinner talk of close contests and improving results. In the current election climate of cheap words and promises, one of the political parties could do worse than give him a contract forthwith. Only towards the conclusion of his offering, did those not already in the know come to realize that the Old Saints had actually lost 5½ - 2½, which nevertheless, was an improvement on the result of same match last season !

  • Harry Gliddon & Richard Parsons lost 3 & 2
  • Kevin Birkett & Dick Leivers lost 3 & 2
  • Nigel Thomas & Steve Smith won 1 up
  • Paul Godfrey & John Bower lost 1 down
  • John Westlake & Ken Metcalfe halved
  • Keith Willmott & John Russell lost 5 & 3
  • Des Kelly & John Harbinson lost4 & 3
  • Bill Comyn & Stuart Sandercock won 2 & 1

NTP: Kevin Birkett