St. Enodoc Golf Club - More News from the Seniors

A sterling recovery by the Seniors
The Seniors entertained St Mellion Fossils in the return match on Monday, 29 April in spring-like conditions. Our legendary greens, as slick as ever, (thank-you Scott and Co !), and the inevitable wind, that guardian of the course , combined to present a serious challenge to both teams.
As the first results came in, the smile of satisfaction on the face of the visiting captain grew wider, in stark contrast to the strained, but courteous grimace of Captain of the day, Mike M - after 4 games the Saints were down 1 – 3 !
However, a wagging tail often heralds a happy tale – and so it proved, for at the conclusion of the final match, to much restrained delight and with their customary magnanimity (!), our Seniors ran out winners by 4½ – 3½. The last four matches produced one half and three wins, one of 7 & 6 by David Elliott and Dick Leivers.

After too much of the kitchen’s delicious stuff and a generous cholesterol dessert, there was a quiet air of contentment as the old boys set out for home !

  • Maberly and Godfrey        lost 2 &1
  • Gliddon and Thomas        lost 3 & 1
  • Williams and Rushton    won 2 up
  • Commings & Mindel        lost 2 down
  • Harbinson & Sandercock    won 2 & 1
  • Metcalfe & Matthews        halved
  • Elliott & Leivers        won 7 & 6
  • Comyn & Willmott        won 4 & 3

Meanwhile many other Seniors were also active in the last round of the Holywell Eclectic which was played in lovely conditions on 29th April. The forecast was for a very close result which turned out to be the case; no names - no pack drill - but "very close" is an understatement. Some pretty good golf was played too; one player gained 15 places on the last list!

Results are being witheld for the Presentation and which will be made on the 13th May after the May Stableford and every participant, of whom there were 24, will get a prize.