St. Enodoc Golf Club - Maxam Cup 2016

On Sunday the 2nd of October six able bodied members of St.Enodoc travelled to Launceston for the Maxam with the intentions of causing an upset. The CGU invites 16 of Cornwall’s best teams for the Maxam, the format is foursomes with 2 team scores to count per round. In 2015 St.Enodoc finished 8th with a team total of +30.

Pre-match team hype peaked several days before the match with emails which included tempers over caddy meals, pet dog’s and the potential for a team kit. The team selected was as follows:

  • Steve chapman (0) & Jack Irwin (1)

  • Mike Masters (5) & Simon Welch (1)

  • Mark Westlake (5) & Charlie Runnalls (5)

Upon asking Chapman of any highlights he replied “Can’t think of any”, however glancing back at the card the Saturday morning duo had had a few pars. Chapman’s shoulders had to be, and were, broader than the Taj Mahal. Irwin occasionally inputted a “Baba Booey” but eventually came unstuck with a nasty block OB on the 36th hole. The pairing finished with a pair of 75’s (10 over total).

On the course Masters and Welch appear nonchalant, with semi tucked in t-shirts, however their determination was faultless. To quote Masters the duo had some “Dazzling iron play but a couple of missed putts resulted in the dropped shots”. The pairing had a respectable 75 (+5) and 74 (+4), 9 over par total, to be St.Enodoc’s top dogs of the day.

Out third was Runnalls and Westlake who had made 2 birdies in their first round but accompanied this class golf with “an unlucky 10”, and following that point their heads went down. The afternoon also promised some good golf and the pairing were indeed -2 through the par 3s, but on the 13th hole balls started ricocheting off tree’s which doused their ambitions of an afternoon 68.

After the morning round St.Enodoc were in 3rd place with +10, 3 shots behind Tehidy (+7) and 1 shot behind Truro (+9). The 75’s which both Enodoc pairings achieved was the 4th best foursomes score in the morning.

After the afternoon rounds St.Enodoc finished in 4th place knowing that they could have done better. The team will take this new found confidence to the CTC. The final scores can be found here:

Thank you to David Elliott for spectating the afternoon rounds and we look forward to representing the club in the CTC later this month.