St. Enodoc Golf Club - Match vs the Senior Golfers Society

Match vs the Senior Golfers Society

Club Captain Neil Bradley and SGS Captain Kerry Scott

This week on Thursday we hosted the Senior Golfers Society playing our annual foursomes match. Roy Hunt got us underway by announcing the players on the first tee. We enjoyed great playing conditions and the Church course was in good order. The result of the match was St Enodoc Seniors 3.5 - Senior Golfers Society 2.5

At the evening dinner SGS Captain Kerry Scott presented the Club with a framed portrait of James Braid to mark the occasion of the 75th match against the Club. The portrait of James Braid is, and always will be, unique to St Enodoc. Humphrey Claxton, a Member of both SGS and the Club, bought a licence from the National Portrait Gallery and had the digital image colourised based on the colouring in an original oil colour portrait of the great man which belongs to his great granddaughter, who is the wife of an SGS member.

Roy Hunt rounded off the evening playing his ukulele and leading a bit of a sing song, wonderful!

The following day, Friday 10th May, the SGS played a second foursomes match v St Enodoc. In this match St Enodoc prevailed 4.5 - 2.5