St. Enodoc Golf Club - Match against the Greenkeepers

On the morning of the match on 7th December the wind chill was -2.4 degrees with a 31 mph wind – not ideal conditions for the annual match between the Committees and the Greenkeepers. There was much shuffling of players and the definitions of the team members became somewhat liberal. However the brave players ventured onto the Holywell which was in surprisingly good condition despite the amount of rain of late; we were however able to observe the “River Holywell” still running very fully but now thankfully under not into the 4th green which was back in play.

The result of the match we will gloss over suffice it to say the Committees won and after all the players had returned to the Clubhouse nice hot pasties were devoured by all. We had also enjoyed the benefit of mulled wine and mince pies courtesy of Dave Oldham by the 8th tee. Whilst the players were dressed in woolly hats and multiple layers of clothing which made many of them unrecognisable Dave was resplendent in just his black trousers and shirt!

A difficult moment rounded off the proceedings as no one could find the trophy or could remember who had won it last year. With the wonders of the website archive it can now be revealed that last years winners, when a Scramble format was used, were Mike Buse, Chris Whitehead, Malcolm Bosley and Simon Pain, interesting in the photo bottles of wine were evident but no trophy...............