St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lost One Welsh Wedge

Can anyone help a distressed former Captain who has mislaid his trusty Wedge. He has assured us that he did not fling it away in anger after 'shanking' a chip. Members, who know him, are aware of his prowess with the said tool and he admits that he had recently moved from the 70 yard chip-putt ( Malcolm Jones, the other Welsh bearded former Captain, school of chipping) to using the said wedge with an increasing level of confidence and indeed accuracy.

He is now therefore a little concerned that, to date, no one has presented it to the Pro Shop. He specifically asked not to be identified since he feared the said tool will only be returned after a hefty ransom is paid. He has however promised to offer to buy the person who returns the wedge, a hearty tipple at the bar, this measure shows how much he values the club. It is a Ping Eye 2 Wedge (Black Spot) which he thinks left the security of his bright yellow bag out on the course either during the Pandora's Box or The Christmas Farmers.