St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lookalikes strike again

Lookalikes strike again

Whilst watching the Conference play off between the mighty Aldershot Town (no editorial bias there then) and Tranmere Rovers off the bench and raring to play comes the Shots top scorer for the season Scott Rendell, with one breath a former Chairman of St Enodoc and the writer both said “its Kristian”! Well is this the Mother of all lookalikes ? Both are tall, thin, blonde hair that has seen more luxuriant days but do the similarities end there? Well not quite as both are married with 2 children.

Scott is well known in the lower divisions of professional footy having played since 2004 in Leagues 1, 2 and the Conference for a total of 14 different clubs, 5 of which for more than one spell. He had a season at Torquay United in 2009 scoring 13 times. Goals one season sadly followed by famine the next has been his career pattern unlike “our” Kristian - now here is the one club St Enodoc man through and through, steady as a rock, star of the CTC team on too many occasions to count. I wonder if Scott is any good at golf?