St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lamb Gambol

Lamb Gambol

The winning team l to r: Beth Elliott, Anne Mayne, Terry Buscombe, Seniors Captain Colin Earle, Pat Parry and Derek Rushton


This popular bi annual meeting of the Seniors and the Ladies Vets took place on a day that had threatened mass withdrawals because of the doom weather forecasts. In the event, the BBC doom casters were wrong again and a field of 59 went ahead with no rain at all, but with a keen wind.

Winners with an incredible score of 123 points were ;

Derek Rushton, Terry Buscombe, Anne Mayne and Pat Perry

2nd on 117 – Geoff Matthews, Tyrrell Sandry,Nan Girling and Pam Hall

3rd on 116 - Ken Metcalfe, Beth Elliott, Stuart Sandercock and Gloria Crouch

4th on 111 – Roger Priestley, Kevin Lawton, Jean Nicholls and Cath Buscombe

5th on 109 – Nigel Ashcroft, Brenda Sandry and David Balmford

Most of the winners received various parts of a Lamb.

NTP Ladies – Beth Elliott

NTP Men - Roger Priestley

After the usual excellent plated meals, the Seniors Captain Colin Earle ran a quiz on, yes you guessed it - Sheep ! As usual, most people had not been on Mastermind and their specialist subject of Sheep and floundered on the hundreds of different types of breed. Also, most people totally overestimated the size of Stuart Sandercocks farm by guessing thousands of lambs born on his farm - the answer was 85!

Report courtesy of David Ramsbottom