St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lady Vets and a modified stableford competition

Lady Vets and a modified stableford competition

The sun shone on the VETS last Friday, July 11th, when they played the second morning of ‘Midsummer Madness’. This time 20 Vets arrived and were able to play the full 18 holes. There were balloons, questions to be answered, and jokers to be played etc all enabling them to increase their team scores from the standard ‘2 scores to count’ to some unimaginable scores, such as 111 points on the front nine!

With much hilarity, and gamesmanship(!) they got round the course without too much difficulty, despite enjoying a small glass of Pimms half way round – which for some upset their game, and others had their best drive ever on the 11th and returned to have their cards checked.

Unfortunately, points had to be deducted from one team who we think sabotaged the last balloon, though they insisted it had burst when they looked at it! Also more points were deducted from another team for cheek! All was taken in good grace and word is that this event should become an annual event!

The eventual winners were: Nan Girling, Hester Burt and Pam Hall. Second placed team consisted of: Barbara Robson, Rita Bentley and Liz McWhirter and in third place were: Barbara Willmott, Sarah Blackiston and Mary Hibbert.