St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lady Captain's Day 28th May 2019

Lady Captain's Day 28th May 2019

It's that time of year again in the golfing calendar when the Lady Captain has her competition day and as always it's never a dull day!

With the 'term of office' held by Sue Roworth at present and taking into account her career as a PE teacher it seemed rude not to go with the sporting theme in her honour. So, the ladies represented a number of sports inlcuding basketball, boxing, netball and swimming along with a touch of the olympic flavour peppering the proceedings.

L-R Barbara Willmott, Sarah Fisher & Carole Waights

The format for the day was undoubtedly going to be a surprise as Sue is very inventive where that is concern and today was no different. The ladies played in teams of three with in a Texas Scramble Drive and only when they reach the green would they know how many scores would count for each respective hole. The day was blighted slightly by a short shower of rain, but on the whole most of the teams got away with it.

After the golf, the ladies enjoyed afternoon tea and nibbles before the formailty of the prize presentation. The Lady Captain Sue Roworth had this to say:

'What a brilliant turnout and how wonderful for me to see 80 ladies here today – my sincere thanks to you all for signing up, playing and supporting my special day – how lucky I am.
I’m so pleased you all enjoyed the format and the suspense of getting to the green, to see, how many scores to count!

No event goes forward without a few Thank you’s: My personal thanks to the reception and bar staff, Chris, Catherine, Kevin, Mark, Richard, Dan & Shannon always there to greet us with a smile. Thanks to Iain, Dave, Wappo, Jenny, Heather, Paul & Eloise for looking after us upstairs, we enjoyed a fabulous feast of treats. Thanks to Simon, Freda and Nicki for your support and time, never being flustered by the constant interruptions in the office.

To Scott and his greenkeeping staff for providing us with two exceptional courses, to Nick for providing me with the logo’d balls. To my committee for your invaluable support Thanks to Caroline & Chris for doing the cards today. St Austell Brewery for the refreshments on the 10th.
Annie, Beth & Mary for giving up your time and helping with refreshments on the Holywell.
Edna lovely to see you playing after a recent operation.
Annie, Beth, Mary, Janet, Jayne & Heather coming along and joining us for tea.

The winners on the Church Course were:

'St Enodoc Swimmers'
Caroline H Kendall, Chris Henderson & Annie Hawkey

The Winners on the Holywell were:

Bobbie Rounsevell, Penny Thomas & Anne Mayne



1st - Caroline H Kendall, Annie hawkey & Chris Henderson - 87pts

2nd - Celia Jarvis, Trudy Tremain & Cath Buscombe - 85pts on c/b

3rd - Sue Ofield, Angela Tickner & Angela Hannam - 85pts on c/b

4th - Maria Buckley, Penny Moon & Sue Kingston-Frost - 84pts

5th - Nicky Mitchell, Carole Carter & Maxine Rich - 80pts on c/b


1st - Anne Mayne, Penny Thomas & Bobbie Rounsevell - 96pts

2nd - Sue Richards, Anne Crossley & Carol Birkett - 90pts

3rd - Edna Alford, Marion Andrews & Gina Cutner - 89pts

Nearest the Pin

Church - Lynn Ashcroft - 5th, Kath Biddle - 8th

Holywell - Mary Hooper -16th

Some more photo's from the day:

'The Holywell Globe Trotters'

The Resident Egg Chasers

'Right Jab' Jarvis, The Referee & 'Below the Belt' Buscombe!

'Best Of British'