St. Enodoc Golf Club - Lady Captain is Flying Di!

Lady Captain is Flying Di!

There was a great buzz in the clubhouse on Tuesday 21st August when the St Enodoc Ladies Captain Diana Mindel welcomed 81 ladies taking part in a 666 Team Competition on both courses. It was decided early on that a covert operation was required in order to make the day a memorable one. Diana had previously been cabin crew for British Airways and the Ladies Vice Captain Sue Roworth along with the ladies Committee thought it would a great idea to base the theme for the day around that. So they stealthily rounded up the troops and the mission was set! it was a mammoth task trying to keep it secret and for most part it was successful. Diana had an inkling that something was afoot, but once all was revealed she was pleasantly surprised by the tremendous effort made by the Ladies to embrace the theme. There were a variety of costumes worn and the Club Captain (Mr Mindel) joined in too!

Tony Mindel (Ground Crew) ensuring the 'Take Off' ran smoothly!

The competition format of 666 was given an added bonus in the shape of a Mulligan! The ladies were allowed to purchase two mulligans to be used anywhere during their round. This turned out to be very popular and in the process raised £120 for the Lady Captain's Charity Little Harbour Children's Hospice South West.

Tea was served in the restaurant which was suitably decorated with red white & blue and images related to the Airline theme (thanks Heather) and once again Wappo and his team provided a varied savoury and sweet feast.

Diana had her tea served by the 'Captain' of Di-Mind Airways Mary Baillie and her able assistant Gloria Crouch.

After everyone had enjoyed their high tea, the ladies 'disembarked' down to the lounge bar area for the Prize Giving. As has already been alluded to Diana had an inkling that there was something going on and prepared two speeches just in case! Continuing with the Airline theme, Diana's vast experience in reading the passenger information came in useful with her unoffical speech:

Captain Diana would like to welcome you aboard, on behalf of St. Enodoc Airways, and thank all ladies who played on the Church and Holywell courses today.
I am delighted to inform you that the day went without too much turbulence and with smooth landings all round.
In the event of an emergency I hope you did not forget the code for the course toilets.
May I remind you that for your own safety and for the safety of all other golfers please remain seated until the public address system has been switched off and leave your life jacket in place.
Please have your swipe cards ready for when you disembark through the departure gate.
Please remember to take your prizes with you and any handbags under your seat or in your lockers.
Once again thank you very much for coming today and I look forward to seeing you all soon, and hope you have enjoyed the flight as much as I have.

The Lady Captain took the opportunity to recognise Caroline Hume-Kendall's achievement in reaching the final of the England Golf Medal Competition and present her with a Medal.

This was then followed up by a highly entertaining impromptu speech made by Mary & Gloria.

The day was rounded off with the Lady Captains official speech and presentation. Diana thanked everyone for their support and in making the day a very entertaining and special one!

The Prize Winners are as follows:

Nearest the Pin

Church 15th: Mary Baillie
Holywell 5th: Carole Carter

Longest Drive

Church 7th: Jo Russell
Holywell 14th: Carole Carter

3rd Place

Church: Bev Vann, Annie Cruse & Sarah Fisher 76 points
Holywell: Pauline Wilkins, Helen Russell & Pam Hall 78 points

Runners Up

Church: Fiona Lunt, Sarah Ockwell & Bridget Barton 78 points
Holywell: Mary Hooper, Di Keates & Annabel Woolcott 79 points

Winners L-R Church: Lynn Ashcroft, Marie Bradbury & Heather Brewer
Holywell: Sue F Jones, Margaret Godwin & Carol Birkett