St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies League Match vs Tehidy

Ladies League Match vs Tehidy

On Wednesday 6th April the Ladies played the first of eight league matches scheduled for 2022. We had a home advantage playing against Tehidy, the wind was strong, weather dry. Through six we were level in three, down in two, up in two. By the tenth we were pretty even being down in three, up in four. Kira Barnes went through the 15th three down but managed to half the match on the 18th, Barbara Graham succumbed to the excellent play of her opponent, Sarah Sandercock had the most extreme match swinging from three down to two up and finishing with a nice half on the 18th. Nicki Corkill remained steady throughout winning 1 up and our last three players, Lynn Ashcroft, Sarah Fisher and Penny Moon won their matches convincingly. Thank you and well played Ladies, a nice 5-2 win to start the season