St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies league match vs St Mellion

Ladies league match vs St Mellion

Our penultimate league match was played at home against St Mellion on Wednesday. A change in the weather meant the sweaters and wooly hats came out at the start. The players were fairly evenly matched with a maximum of 4 shots being given either way. Even so, St Mellion are on form having beaten us on Monday in the Annodata so we had everything to play for. After 9 holes it was hard to tell who might win, we were up in 2, level in 2 and down in 3. The loop finished two of those matches (one loss, one win). With two other matches finishing on the 16th and one win on the last, we were level 2.5 matches each. The deciding result fell on the two remaining players on the course both of which went to the 18th. A friendly draw was the outcome. Thank you to the team who put up a great effort: Cath Hopkins, Meg Godfrey, Sally King, Trudy Tremain, Sue Roworth, Penny Moon and Chrissy Henderson.