St. Enodoc Golf Club - Ladies Competition Results 3rd - 10th July

Yellow Ball Competition - Tuesday 3rd July

This format was condensed onto the Holywell this year as the Church was otherwise occupied by the ladies of the South West Counties Match Week.

Nine teams of three set out into the summer sunshine for this quirky competition. The idea being the yellow ball is played alternately between the three team members with two scores to count (one must be with the yellow ball). Well, it seems that several of the teams were rather good at it judging by the scores!

Winners - Lorna Harper, Bobbie Rounsevell & Chris Henderson 89pts
Runners Up - Barbara Willmott, Judy Redman & Edna Alford 84pts

EG Medal & Beason Medal - Tuesday 10th July

Eighteen ladies entered on the Church course and twenty one ladies entered on the Holywell in their respective medal competitions. The ladies were blessed again with fabulous weather, albeit a little on the humid side. The current course conditions obviously suited the ladies as some of the scores posted were on a par with the weather....pretty good! (see what I did there!!).

EG Medal
Division 1

1st Caroline Hume-Kendall Nett 69
2nd Kath Biddle Nett 73
3rd Sarah Ockwell Nett 76

Division 2
1st Barbara Hawkins Nett 72
2nd Edna Alford Nett 76

Beason Medal
1st Pamela Chapman Nett 56 (on countback)
2nd Anne Humphreys Nett 56
3rd Nan Girling Nett 58 (on countback)
4th Pauline Wilkins Nett 58